The No-Park Adventures on Florida's Nature Coast

Join us on The Nature Coast for adventures that range from ‘Mild to Wild’! Cruise on one of our air boats, harvest scallops in the Gulf of Mexico or enjoy a privilege that is exclusively ours:
to snorkel with manatees!

Seasonal Tour Conditions

Remember this is a ‘Wildlife Experience’ which means that seasons, weather, time of day, tides etc… all play an important role in determining your chances for the ultimate manatee encounter. Please inform yourself and have realistic expectations when considering taking a manatee tour with River Ventures.

Highlights of the week

'Love is in the Air'

Spring fever has sprung at River Ventures, and even though we've always said we are just like family here, recently the staff has made that more true than ever!!! In addition to a couple pairings within the staff, we are seeing the manatees doing the 'dance of love' as well! It can be a real sight when manatees mate, and sometimes for young ones it's a quick lesson in the birds and bees. When love is in the air, it simply doesn't matter what species you are!!

Captain John and guide Crystal fell in love while working here together on their manatee tours. At first John was impressed by Crystal's knowledge and captivated by her kindness, but quickly those feelings grew into much more! Crystal thought John was handsome, but was truly amazed at how special he made her feel. Crystal brings out a side of John that many of us had never seen, protective and devoted - they were both awesome teammates, but together they've grown into so much more. Months ago, they fell in love and soon got engaged while on a cruise getaway in February... and then they took the huge step of buying a home together. That alone is an act of commitment that many couples never take! Even though they are surrounded by dozens of friends and family that love them... they simply did not want to wait... and got married at a simple, but gorgeous ceremony at the Majestic Manatee Chapel here in town. Even though most of us were surprised that we didn't all get invited to a wedding, we could not be happier for these two. Forget all the complicated planning and expensive parties, they were ready to start their life together!

This week, another River couple got engaged too! Guide JJ and Manager Erin fell in love after meeting in Vermont as water guides on the Winooski River. Life soon brought them to Florida (or maybe it was the cold winters), and by chance they stumbled into River Ventures, where we snapped them up with a quickness! They have raised a pup together, built their own home on the property they bought, and recently completed the construction of a tiny home that they rent on air bnb. They took a slightly different route than John and Crystal... with JJ waiting, and waiting for just the right time. Last week was IT!! On a vacation while visiting the river where they originally met, he purposed on one knee with the rapids behind them and a limitless future in front. You can see from the pictures that it couldn't possibly have been more special!

We can not say CONGRATULATIONS enough to these lucky lovers. Everyday we are moved by the beauty of the relationships, their dedication to each other and impressed by how they've grown together into better people than they ever would have been apart. We love you all so much, and wish you peace and blessings for the future. Pretty sure it's time to plan a huge party so we can all celebrate... it's going down in 'cow-town' or should we call it 'Love-Town'!?! Maybe there's even still hope for Brandie!!! Well... we can hope.