Meet Captain Wade Black

Captain Wade is one of our 'Anchor Captains', meaning we can count on him to give an awesome tour winter or summer; morning or afternoon! He started with us years ago... but kept his day job thinking that being a manatee Captain was just too good to be true. We are proud to say that Wade left his 'day job' over three years ago, and has been with us everyday since!! 

Captain Wade was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. We think that's where his Southern charm and laid back personality come from. He still loves the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons so he finds the time to take his son Cole home for a game at least once a year. Yes, he loves football, but family is his real passion! He's been married to his High school sweetheart Trisha for 25 years and they have two children, Brooke and Cole. We LOVE Wade's family too... and it's not just for Trisha's killer spinach and artichoke dip (but we will never turn it down)!! 

Wade is truly inspired by how what we do touches people, and it's hard for him to think of anything he doesn't like about his job! Meeting visitors from all over the world keeps him on his toes, and introducing people that never thought they could do this to manatees... really reminds him why he started being a Captain in the first place. He has worked with the blind, the deaf, even paraplegics to make their dreams come true, you can imagine how inspiring that would be! We get a little choked up thinking about it.

Captain Wade is a happy-go-lucky, fun loving spirit and his motto is... Be happy, or go away. There is so much beauty and blessings all around if you just open your eyes! He's not sure he ever wants to retire, but he does look forward to growing old with his loving family. Until then, we are PROUD and humbled to consider him an essential member of our River Ventures family!