Meet Captain Emerson

Unique, passionate, humorous and highly entertaining... these are just a few words that describe Captain Emerson! He's only been in the area for about 3 years, and we knew the first time we met him that he would be an awesome addition to our team! Starting out as an in-water guide, then getting his life guard certification followed by his Captain's license... we've been proud to watch him grow and his star is shining brighter every day!

captain emerson.jpg

Emerson was raised in Austin, TX a location known for it's quirky coolness... maybe that's where he gets it! Emerson's father is a traveling musician, and recently his mother moved to the area as well. He's so happy to have family close, especially as he's looking forward to starting one of his own. Recently married to Chelsea (we call her the egg lady!), they are happily settled on a small homestead they call the 'Green Acre'. They raise chickens (hence the eggs) and work hard to raise their own food. Their goal is to be completely self-sufficient and they love to get their hands dirty!

Other than Mother Nature, manatees and growing food, Emerson's passion lies in music. Chelsea and Emerson have a traveling musical duo and are called 'Well Worn Soles'; they are FANTASTIC and the crew loves to go watch them play at Burke's and Crackers. He an a-typical Tauras; caring, kind and generous with the best of intentions. He's like most of us, saying that the least favorite part of his job is the early alarm clock ringer. He's never had a job where he had to rise before the sun every day!

Emerson loves learning how to recognize certain manatee behaviors and hungers for knowledge the way most hunger for cheeseburgers! The eco-system here fascinates him and he never misses an opportunity to attain more knowledge so he can pass it on to his visitors! What really attracted Em to the manatee world was the sheer size of the animals we get to be close with; it's amazing and unlike anything else he's ever done in his life!

Emerson is young and has many more good years ahead; already looking forward to retirement he wants to relax, sit around and watch his ducks all day! He has a motto for living that we couldn't support more....'Do not develop preconceptions'; you simply can not judge a book by it's cover. Let life sneak up on you and there will be surprises around every corner! Thank you for finding your way into our lives Emerson... we are all better because of it!!