The No-Park Adventures on Florida's Nature Coast

Join us on The Nature Coast for adventures that range from ‘Mild to Wild’! Cruise on one of our air boats, harvest scallops in the Gulf of Mexico or enjoy a privilege that is exclusively ours:
to snorkel with manatees!

Seasonal Tour Conditions

Remember this is a ‘Wildlife Experience’ which means that seasons, weather, time of day, tides etc….all play an important role in determining your chances for the ultimate manatee encounter. Please inform yourself and have realistic expectations when considering taking a manatee tour with River Ventures.

Highlights of the week

Travelers from Michigan and Minnesota joined us for our new eco-walk adventure! We call the combination of the manatee tour and guided hike the 'Woods and Water Tour'; and what an awesome way to see the sights!! Mom and Aunt joined us with son and nephew to head out on the VIP tour at 645 am. They took a quick break for lunch, then came back to join us for the guided hike. Flora and fauna abounds here in Citrus County and they had an awesome, educational day. Guide Gloria was thrilled with sightings of turtles, lizards, armadillo, assorted rare birds and turkeys! Thank you for joining us folks......don't miss the new tour combination! Come for the manatees, but stay for the adventure!