The No-Park Adventures on Florida's Nature Coast

Join us on The Nature Coast for adventures that range from ‘Mild to Wild’! Cruise on one of our air boats, harvest scallops in the Gulf of Mexico or enjoy a privilege that is exclusively ours:
to snorkel with manatees!

Seasonal Tour Conditions

Remember this is a ‘Wildlife Experience’ which means that seasons, weather, time of day, tides etc… all play an important role in determining your chances for the ultimate manatee encounter. Please inform yourself and have realistic expectations when considering taking a manatee tour with River Ventures.

Highlights of the week

It's our favorite time of year!!

We are true Manatee Geeks here at River Ventures so if you are looking for the best conditions and best chance to see them... come to our crew for advice!! Many people believe that the 'winter season' is the best (or only) time to see manatees, but if you ask us insiders, we will tell you RIGHT NOW is the time to come see us!!

Fall season is an incredible time to meet our gentle giants! The kids have returned to school and there are very few American travelers, so waterways are quiet and calm as long as you avoid weekends. Even weekends right now are quite lovely, and the crowds of tourists will not return until the Thanksgiving Holiday. Once 'Manatee Season' is in full swing, the area often times is packed with visitors which can deeply affect the quality of your experience. Also keep in mind that as of November 15th sanctuaries and USFW seasonal rules go into effect, meaning there are many areas that humans cannot access again until April. Beat that November 15th deadline, and you can see ALL the beauty the area has offer. There is no place we cannot swim!

Once the Gulf temperatures get below 69 degrees the manatees will move in by the hundreds, but keep in mind that winters here in Crystal River have been very UNPREDICTABLE the last few years. Weather is changing, and it significantly affects the manatee migration. If we have a warm spell in the winter, manatees become very hard to find. Add the crowds of humans that come to view manatees and that can make conditions challenging and sometimes disappointing! The flip side to that story is that the grass restoration projects, done in conjunction with Save Crystal River, have created a nearly perfect habitat for manatees in summer and fall. The lush grass beds of this year meant that we see more manatees on a daily basis because of that prolific buffet of juicy green growth!!

Come see us soon and you won't believe how beautiful the water is! There are NO hurricanes here! No red tide, no dangerous algae; come on in, the water is fine! Our unique adventure is just a short drive from Orlando or Tampa, the Detour from Disney is well worth it! In October we will also run many promotions and 'Flash sales' so there will be lower prices, discounts and free gifts! There are 100 reasons this is an awesome time to visit Crystal River and swim with manatees, just ask our crew... it's our FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!

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