The No-Park Adventures on Florida's Nature Coast

Join us on The Nature Coast for adventures that range from ‘Mild to Wild’! Cruise on one of our air boats, harvest scallops in the Gulf of Mexico or enjoy a privilege that is exclusively ours:
to snorkel with manatees!

Seasonal Tour Conditions

Remember this is a ‘Wildlife Experience’ which means that seasons, weather, time of day, tides etc… all play an important role in determining your chances for the ultimate manatee encounter. Please inform yourself and have realistic expectations when considering taking a manatee tour with River Ventures.

Highlights of the week

Crystal River - hidden gem of the Nature Coast!  

We are proud to say that we were just declared the number 2 'Off the Beaten Trail' spring break destination and this couple is doing it right! They started their planning by searching on air bnb for an unusual, affordable rental for their stay. This is where they found the Tiny Barn at Windy Oaks. This incredible tiny house rental is just a 10 minute drive from our location, but you will feel a million miles away! This property is adjacent to a farm that has cows and donkeys... so they decided to visit us for a swim with sea cows and then stay overnight to sleep with cows on land!! Traveling from one end of the country to the other, they loved their tiny house stay! There is nothing like staying in someone's backyard and becoming a part of the local culture instead of a generic Hotel. They highly recommend Tiny Barn at Windy oaks and a snorkel with manatees at River Ventures is like the cherry on top! Don't miss this awesome combination!