Meet Captain and Guide extraordinaire Mike Milsci

Meet Captain and Guide extraordinaire Mike Milsci, he is waiting to introduce you to his manatee friends! Mike has been working with manatees for more than 5 years now and is certainly one of the few we can call a 'manatee whisperer'! If you are next to Mike in the water, you are going to see a manatee!

captain mike.jpg

Mike was born in Puerto Rico (hence his nickname Rico Sauve! shhhh) but grew up in the Boston area. Like most folks from Boston he is down to earth and a super Red Sox and Patriots fan. Mike comes from a huge Italian/Portuguese family and is married to a lovely lady who bakes us all cupcakes (shout out to Jessica!) Family is very important to Mike, and he's become a very important member of our River Ventures family! We are grateful to have him!

Mike truly loves his job and it shows. His favorite part is getting to meet people from all over the world; often times he meets people from his old neighborhood on his tours. It's such a small world! Mike is a Cancer and his birthday is June 24th. Like a typical Cancer he is intuitive and sensitive. There is not much that slips by him! He's also Passionate and inspired; this is such a benefit when on his tour. He really has a way with people! Wild life, nature and photography are his favorite hobbies; he's also known as an awesome cook. He makes dinner and his wife makes dessert!

captain mike 4.jpg

If there is anything he doesn't like about his's probably the same thing most of us say... the 4:30am wakeup call! It's tough to rise before the sun daily, but there's a reason we get up early! He's been a Harbour Master, a dive Master and a Dolphin tour Captain, but nothing quite compares to swimming with manatees. As a matter of fact, when Mike retires there is no where else he'd rather be! Mike's motto for living is 'Get in where you fit in'… and there's no where he fits like a glove quite like River Ventures!