Annual Audubon Birding Tours with River Ventures

This fundraising event is very popular and sells out quickly every year. We appreciate all the attendees who support our event by returning for a fun, informational and engaging outing! There were over 53 bird species seen during the morning tour...and spotting 53 species of birds in two hours is not an easy task in most parts of the world, it's just one of the reasons this area is such a hot spot for birders!

Meet Erin Egbert, one of our fearless leaders here at River Ventures

Erin was born and raised in Amherst, New Hampshire. Amherst is a small town of 11,000 people... that were excited to get their very own Walmart in 2002! It's also home to the Ponemah Wildlife Sanctuary and the Hodgeman State Forest where Erin first found her passion for Nature and exploration. She came to escape the cold winter of 2013, and hasn't left Citrus County yet! Her grandmother, who is also

Manatees and Their Six Senses

Most of the life of a manatee is spent in very murky water and they are also active throughout the night in the dark. For this reason, manatees do not need to have perfect vision and are reported to be practically near sighted, however they have receptors for both blue and green wave lengths allowing them to see in color and can therefore differentiate between random objects and luscious green plants to eat.

Meet Rockin' Rhonda, One of The Most Experienced Captains in The Area!

When Rhonda is not Captaining Ms. Manatee, you can find her digging into a great book of inspiration, traveling, scuba diving....and she LOVES music! She's also a big sports fan so you might catch her watching college football on Saturday to keep up with her Wisconsin Badgers or watching the Packers on Sunday. Shout out to all the other Cheeseheads out there!

Meet Captain Emerson

Other than Mother Nature, manatees and growing food, Emerson's passion lies in music. Chelsea and Emerson have a traveling musical duo and are called 'Well Worn Soles'; they are FANTASTIC and the crew loves to go watch them play at Burke's and Crackers. He an a-typical Tauras; caring, kind and generous with the best of intentions. He's like most of us, saying that the least favorite part of his job is the early alarm clock ringer. He's never had a job where he had to rise before the sun every day!