Hillsborough County deputies working to protect manatees during Gasparilla festivities

Cold weather and water send Tampa Bay's gentle giants in search of warmth. Sometimes, that's where the Hillsborough River flows out, but that's not where manatees want to be when the flotilla arrives Saturday morning. 

Florida manatees can survive for at least another century

It’s a strange world we live in when we celebrate the idea that a species might actually survive through the next century. It’s all become so fragile that small victories can feel like big wins – but regardless, a new study predicting that Florida’s iconic manatees can survive another 100 years is cause for cheer.

Hurricane-swept manatee lost at sea finds kindness in The Bahamas

While the impacts from hurricanes are tragically obvious on land, it’s hard to imagine how it affects the ocean’s inhabitants. But it does. And in the case of a manatee from Tampa, Florida, this fall’s hurricanes were nearly fatal.

A healthy herd: Annual checkup of local manatee population provides good news, data for researchers

Over the years, about 263 manatees have been captured and studied. The scientists estimate the size of the group that migrates to the Crystal River area to be around 600.

Incredible pictures show manatees huddling together to stay warm in Florida as cold front sweeps the Sunshine State

As air temperatures dipped below 30 degrees Fahrenheit at dawn on Monday, Fox 13 reported the waters where the manatees had gathered was a comfortable 73 degrees. 

Underweight West Indian Manatee Calf Thriving in French Zoo

Kali’na is a manatee, also called a sea cow—a relative of elephants, which look sort of like walruses. Manatees in the wild live in rivers in warm climates: West Africa, the Amazon, the West Indies, and Florida, where there is a Manatee County and a Manatee River.

New swimming pool could honor Snooty the manatee

With the commission’s approval, county staff will have a company turn a draft concept of the pool into a design, which will allow officials to have more exact construction cost estimates. Officials estimate the project — which could honor the memory of Snooty, the iconic manatee that died at the South Florida Museum over the weekend — could cost about $3 million.