Manatees and Their Six Senses

Most of the life of a manatee is spent in very murky water and they are also active throughout the night in the dark. For this reason, manatees do not need to have perfect vision and are reported to be practically near sighted, however they have receptors for both blue and green wave lengths allowing them to see in color and can therefore differentiate between random objects and luscious green plants to eat.

Mote Manatees Burn a Few Calories for Conservation Science

When sick or injured manatees are brought to rehabilitation facilities, you can feed them to increase their weight, provide the best available treatments and look at blood work, but we don’t have ways to assess some important  physiological parameters such as energy cost,” said Senior Mote Aquarium Biologist Kat Boerner. “To provide more data to fine-tune rehabilitation, we want to better understand how much energy a healthy manatee burns, which gives us a better idea of the caloric intake needed for an animal of a given size.

More than, 6,000 manatees counted in Florida's waters for 4th year in a row

They counted 3,731 manatees on Florida’s east coast and 2,400 manatees on the west coast of the state for a total of 6,131, according to a news release from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg. That’s 500 fewer than last year’s total.