Mote Manatees Burn a Few Calories for Conservation Science

When sick or injured manatees are brought to rehabilitation facilities, you can feed them to increase their weight, provide the best available treatments and look at blood work, but we don’t have ways to assess some important  physiological parameters such as energy cost,” said Senior Mote Aquarium Biologist Kat Boerner. “To provide more data to fine-tune rehabilitation, we want to better understand how much energy a healthy manatee burns, which gives us a better idea of the caloric intake needed for an animal of a given size.

More than, 6,000 manatees counted in Florida's waters for 4th year in a row

They counted 3,731 manatees on Florida’s east coast and 2,400 manatees on the west coast of the state for a total of 6,131, according to a news release from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg. That’s 500 fewer than last year’s total.

How to swim with the manatees in and around Crystal River, FL

The manatees of Crystal River and Homosassa are Florida manatees, which are a subspecies of the larger West Indian manatee population. They eat only plants, and in the warmer months, they rove up and down the Gulf and Atlantic coasts in search of food. The area does have resident manatees year-round, so summertime manatee sightings are possible, but the fact that they’re so mobile significantly lessens your chances.

Florida manatees can survive for at least another century

It’s a strange world we live in when we celebrate the idea that a species might actually survive through the next century. It’s all become so fragile that small victories can feel like big wins – but regardless, a new study predicting that Florida’s iconic manatees can survive another 100 years is cause for cheer.

Underweight West Indian Manatee Calf Thriving in French Zoo

Kali’na is a manatee, also called a sea cow—a relative of elephants, which look sort of like walruses. Manatees in the wild live in rivers in warm climates: West Africa, the Amazon, the West Indies, and Florida, where there is a Manatee County and a Manatee River.