Meet Megan

Megan is one of the newest additions to our guiding crew, but she came to us after guiding for one of the 'other guys' in town. Megan is passionate and incredibly concerned for the well-being of the animals and River Ventures is exactly the sort of place that appreciates that!! Megan grew up in a small town in Vermont, but Vermont has more cows than people... and absolutely no Sea Cows!! Since sea cows were Megan's spirit animal...she packed up her stuff and came to the manatee capital of the world!

Megan was ready for the warmth of the South; she loves being close to the beach and appreciates that here she can garden year round! She loves Vermont, but she was ready to say goodbye to 6 months of cold and snow!! Megan has her B.S. in environmental studies from the University of Vermont and has a dream to live a self-sustaining life, growing her own food, creating natural medicines and teaching others how to live an eco-friendly and responsible life. Megan despises chemicals and pesticides, she does everything she can to use herbs and natural remedies for whatever ails her! She is a true Renaissance Woman, with a passion not only for animals but also for art, poetry, philosophy, astrology… she even considers herself a witch doctor! If you need to be healed, either mentally or physically... Megan can suggest an alternative from your typical Western prescription!! Communing with Nature, and taking in the wild around you are right at the top of that list!

Megan loves the manatees and her family at River Ventures but nothing in the world compares to her love for her daughter Ivy. Ivy is 4 years old and a spitfire of energy and action!! Megan tries to spend as much time as she can with her daughter, teaching her to grow food, love animals and be kind to all living things. As a result Ivy loves all animals, but her favorites by far are the tiger and unicorns. We agree Ivy, unicorns are pretty cool!!

Megan's favorite part of this job is when she sees others appreciating the wildlife and eco-systems she cares for so much! To see people getting excited about turtles, birds, crabs and flowers makes her so happy that it barely feels like work! She loves riding on the boat, taking pictures of the adventure... but nothing, absolutely NOTHING compares to hanging out with her manatee friends!! Immersing oneself in a wild environment with respect and patience can be so rewarding! The memories one makes with an experience like this are irreplaceable… it proves that when humans love animals they CAN co-exist in a beautiful way!! Megan has quickly earned a reputation as a manatee whisperer and would do nearly anything to protect these animals. We have seen many guides come and go, but this young lady is truly special!

Megan may not be Irish but she considers herself very lucky, and she is known for finding many 4 leaf clovers! She doesn't even look for them, they just appear! Sometimes the best things in life pop up when you are not looking, and that's exactly how we feel about Megan! We weren't searching for a guide when Megan walked into our door, but we're a lucky bunch... and nothing makes us feel luckier than having one of the most respected and passionate guides in the Industry as a part of our River Family!! Welcome Home Megan... and you can ask for this superstar by name!