Celebrating RV Milestones

This season River Ventures will reach a huge milestone, one that few tour companies can claim! Next month we are on par to reach 4,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, with nearly a perfect 5 star rating! Yes, our crew is outstanding, our administrative team is smart... but really we have YOU to thank for this milestone! Our beloved visitors, our repeat customers, our RIVER FAMILY... thanks to all of you for giving us the bragging rights!!


No other Company in the area (except for Disney World!) boasts anywhere near the volume of phenomenal feedback that we see from our guests and we are so PROUD!!

TripAdvisor is very important to us because that is how most of our customers find their tour. Informed visitors that do their research are our favorite and those reviews give us a lot to live up to daily. That is a challenge we GLADLY accept and strive to fulfill! We are happy to say that over the years we have experienced many ups and downs... but we are stronger and more passionate than ever.

If you never have, take a moment to check out the TripAdvisor page. Many reviews are funny, moving and tell the story of extraordinary adventures. Many reviews mention their Captain and guide by name, so they can help when making requests for your next excursion! There are dozens of useful questions answered and we LOVE to read them everyday! Even when we receive poor feedback, we take that info and talk about it like a team. What can we learn form this review, how can we improve?? There is so much to learn from your feedback, and we strive to grow and improve on the daily!

If you had a 5 star adventure with us but overlooked leaving a review... hey, maybe this is your chance! With a little help from you, we will round that 4,000 corner before we know it! Our industry is highly competitive, and we believe that visitors do not always know the difference between Companies.


We want only the coolest memories, best experience and highest quality customer service for our guests... and we know that no one else in the area makes this quite the priority that we do. At River Ventures YOU MATTER to us, and we say THANK YOU!

Cheers to an extraordinary team, cheers to the finest customers - we are looking forward to another awesome 10 years! The best is yet to come...