'Lindsey Lou' or 'Mermaid Hair, Don't Care'

Around these parts we call her 'Lindsey Lou' or 'Mermaid Hair, Don't Care'... you can call her what you want, but never call her late for a good time!! Lindsey is a big part of the River Ventures team spirit... her smile is contagious, her energy is inspiring and once you meet this infectious personality, you will never forget her!

Lindsey is one of the few locals we have on staff here, she has done a lot of traveling, she possesses the heart of a gypsy… but Citrus County always calls her home! She was raised in Inverness, and grew up playing on King's Bay with her daddy and brother. That means swimming with the manatees really feels nostalgic and brings back incredible memories of long-gone days when she was just a girl. It REALLY is a family tradition to Ms. Lindsey!

This Mermaid Mama is a true Nature lover and curious soul. She loves all forms of art and expression; she loves painting (has even sold a few works), she makes jewelry, loves to hoop dance, and her passion for Mother Nature will amaze you! Lindsey is a true student of the Universe, always looking and listening. She believes that there is a plan for her, her job is to see the road signs and traverse the roads less traveled... even when they're bumpy. Believe it, and you can become it. Love it, and that love will be returned 10 fold!! Lindsey knows that if most of us just open our eyes for a moment, we will see all the blessings that surround us!!

Speaking of blessings.....we have to mention Lindsey's mini-me, Bailey. She is so proud of her sensitive and creative thirteen year old daughter who spends most mornings here at the shop with us before school. See, Bailey's a member of the family too....and we know that it takes a village! Lindsey hopes to take Bailey for a dream trip to Japan once she graduates and says that without her work family, life just wouldn't make much sense. Many of us feel the same way. In fact, she is keen to create a compound of like-minded individuals... and it won't even be a cult, you can leave at anytime and she will NOT make you drink the Kool-Aid! Promise.

There are many things that she loves about her job, both guiding and working as an educator, driver and shop girl. Her favorite... well, you could guess it, THE MANATEES! She loves the camaraderie she feels from the crew around her and the people she has met here that were put in her path for a reason. She is pretty sure she can talk a manatee into kissing her, and she truly wishes that everyone could see how magical these incredible animals are. She always hopes at the end of her day that the guests on her boat leave with an understanding of how gentle and healing these encounters can be. There's a soul-touching moment that happens for many, and Lindsey feels so privileged to share those moments with people from all over the world. Lindsey hopes to write a book one day about all her adventures... and her family here at River Ventures just can't wait to read it!