Meet Ana... oh sweet Ana

Meet Ana... oh sweet Ana, our newest recruit that hasn't been completely driven crazy by the wackos around here! We are so happy to have this young lady on our team, and though shy in the beginning, she is quickly blossoming into a beautiful RV flower!

river ventures anna

Anna was born in the Philippines, but grew up in St. Pete. Her heritage is important to her... Ana's father is from Puerto Rico and her mother is from the Philippines, so even though she is petite, Ana's a REAL firecracker! She is TRI-LINGUAL, fluent in Spanish, Filipino and English; this really comes in handy here at River Ventures! Even though she loves St. Pete, Ana wanted a more calm and relaxing environment. Her family recently relocated to this area, so she thought she'd give Crystal River a try. Once Ana met one of our resident manatee buddies, the rest, as they say, is history! Even though Crystal River is a short drive from St Pete, it feels as if it's a different world... and Ana loves the peace and tranquility that comes from being surrounded by Nature here in Citrus County. The city is nice to visit, but Crystal River now feels like home!

Speaking of St. Pete, what Ana misses the most are the world-famous beaches there. Here in Crystal River we have a small beach, but nothing at all like what you find down there. Ana is a true beach bunny... the crashing waves and salty air call to her from a far. She's finding a new passion for the springs of the Nature Coast, while learning about the hydrology, the sea grass and the animals that depend on them. Crystal River is a very special place and special people like Ana fit right in!

Ana is close with her family being the youngest of 4 children and is a proud Aunt to 4 nieces and nephews. She is a woman of many talents, with a sharp wit and tons of computer knowledge. She can play the piano and has a passion for music; but she wishes she could express herself through drawing. She loves art… and her dream is to be able to put pencil to paper and create what she sees in her mind. She would especially love to draw animals like manatees and dogs; those are her favorites!

Ana is thriving in her new place here at River Ventures quickly becoming an important part of the formula that sets us apart from our 'competition'! We call her 'Ana-banana', but really 'customer service' is her middle name! She loves meeting new people every day and can't believe the amount of International visitors we have! It's like a trip around the world for us daily, she has even met people from Puerto Rico and the Philippines while working the front desk. Every day is an adventure here at River Ventures and her favorite part is that it's never boring. Life is never mundane here, we go with the flow and love the challenges that dawn brings us each morning.

What does Ana like least about her spot here at RV?? THE MOPPING!! This is a big floor for little Ana, and that mop is heavy! Whether she is mopping or driving, showing your photos or wrapping your gift items...Ana will do it with a smile and a spirit that says 'Welcome to River Ventures - where we are all family'! Welcome to the family, Ana... and now you will never escape our clutches! Bawahahaha!