Meet Brittany

Brittany is a newer, seasonal addition to the RV team and will leave us in the spring for more travels abroad. She's been a beacon of light, a spirit of positivity and her smile is as contagious as manatee fever! Brittany was born deep in the savage wilderness of Liberty, NY where she claims she was raised by a family of literate and very polite bears! Maybe it was just very hairy humans, we are still not sure. When she was still young, she relocated to Orlando... home to talking mice and magic kingdoms. She attended clown college as a teenager, and though it may not have made her popular in high school she did earn enough money as a clown to BUY the friendship of a few peers! Life has been full of adventure ever since!

In 2008, Brittany graduated from Crystal River High School where she met... then married, her best friend Jessie. They lived and worked in this area for 10 years before deciding to break free from their corporate jobs to seek out real adventures of their own. The couple sold their home (and most of Jessie's possessions), then remodeled an RV and hit the road! Brittany loves traveling and exploring new places... she looks at life as a true explorer and every new place and every new person she meets is like starting a new chapter in her story!! As much as she loves her travels nothing has really compared to Crystal River... it seems all roads eventually lead her back!

Britt has an incredible rag-tag family that consists of 2 chickens, 2 cats, one poodle and numerous strays that she fosters and rehabilitates. Her furry and feathered friends give her passion and purpose while adding a depth to living that seems to be missed by many in our modern world. Give it away...and it comes back tenfold. This extends to her work here at River Ventures where her favorite part of the day is playing a small part in the life-changing experiences that our guests have. Nothing quite compares to seeing their faces light up after meeting a manatee and she truly enjoys hearing the excitement in their voices when they return and tell her about the experience they had on the water. This heartfelt sharing is something that we all consider very special... and the way that this effects people deeply is not lost on Brittany.

There is one thing that she does not like about her job and it's not the early wake-up call either! The immense jealousy she feels watching the boats pull away without her on them sometimes is overwhelming... she so longs to spend more time on the water, visiting the animals she loves so much! She waves from the dock yelling 'I'll miss you' as the boats leave her behind, only to return for her to pick-up a few hours later. She wants to scream from the mountain tops about how passionate the people at River Ventures are! It's not just 'lip service'; our goal is to educate the masses and spread the 'manatee love' around the globe. Leading the charge in local conservation and taking real action to create a greener, more animal-friendly environment makes us all family! Brittany has a found a home here with her RV family, and we are so lucky to have her quirky, wonderful ways to light our dark mornings and inspire us all to be better people! Jumbo, Brittany... jumbo!!