The NEW Raw Juice Bar and Cafe of Crystal River

Welcome Raw Juice Bar! We are so excited to have you and we can't wait to become regular visitors! From freshly pressed juices (custom recipes), to salads, sandwiches, wraps and soups this place has so many healthy options! Do you have that familiar feeling like a cold or flu is trying to grab you?? Feeling worn down and tired? Well, this juice bar can do a prescription smoothie or shot for what ails you! Looking to jump start your healthy lifestyle or kick off a weight loss plan?? Than try one of their detox programs! Acai bowls, overnight oats with fresh fruit, avocado toast...all using produce that's pulled from bins on the wall! Fresh herbs, Kombucha, ginger, turmeric....ingredients sought after but rarely found in small towns. No doubt what ingredients are used, because you can sit right there and watch! Cozy, friendly and ready for business.....make sure that while you're in Crystal River you stop at this new, welcome addition to our community. This is what the RV Crew has to say about our visit…


Ms. Sherri says:

I just had the opportunity to try the new juice bar here in Crystal River and what a treat it was! I Loved the ingredients and the freshness of this place. It was really nice to be able to see the juices being made right in front of me, so there is no question about how fresh the ingredients are! The menu is right on the wall and it clearly explains all the ingredients that go into their juices and food. The owner herself was behind the counter making the juices herself; she was helpful and personable. I ordered the Aloha Kakahiaka and it was fabulous! It made me feel great almost immediately. Two thumbs up from me!!

Ms. Kat says:

Avocado toast may be a 'hipster' item elsewhere, but here in Crystal River it is really refreshing to find on a menu! If you feel the need for something a little more weighty than juice, the Berry Good smoothie is Very Good indeed - the cashew butter gives it a satisfying thickness (and taste). With a varied menu and fresh ingredients we are so happy to welcome the Raw Juice Bar and Cafe to the area. A MUCH NEEDED addition to the area.....I WILL BE BACK!

Ms. Tiffany says:

Today we checked out the new and only Juice Bar in town. What a cute little spot! Fresh herbs growing greet you at the door . The inside is clean, cutely decorated and it just feels healthy! I chose the Buddah's Root juice, it was so refreshing and delicious! I didn't try the food yet, but it looks yummy. I will be returning very soon for some tasty eats!


Whether you want a light bite to eat or a healthy fresh pressed juice, try this local gem today. You just may catch some of crew there getting their daily fill! See you there…