Meet Rockin' Rhonda, One of The Most Experienced Captains in The Area!

Meet Rockin' Rhonda one of the most experienced Captains in the area! Rhonda was born in Wisconsin but has been living in this area for more than 25 years. She has had many jobs, but nothing quite compares to being a manatee Captain!

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All her life, whether she was a hairdresser or Insurance adjuster, the water was calling her River Ventures really was a perfect fit! She gets to combine her love of the water with her passion for teaching others about nature....and that makes her such a special part of our team! Rhonda is a March born Pisces...the sign of the fish and we don't think that's a coincidence! Like most Pisces, she is dependable, intuitive and loves helping others.

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When Rhonda is not Captaining Ms. Manatee, you can find her digging into a great book of inspiration, traveling, scuba diving....and she LOVES music! She's also a big sports fan so you might catch her watching college football on Saturday to keep up with her Wisconsin Badgers or watching the Packers on Sunday. Shout out to all the other Cheeseheads out there!

Before she discovered that swimming with manatees was an actual 'JOB', Rhonda was a Dive Master teaching scuba off shore from Charleston and she Captained a liveaboard 110 foot sailboat too. Not much on the water she hasn't done – and that's fine with her! The water is exactly where she wants to be, and she has no plans to retire! Rhonda's motto for living is simple and we can all learn from it - 'Why not? Today is the Day!' Live your dreams, teach your passion and with Captain Rhonda leading the way TODAY IS THE DAY that you could meet a manatee!