Scallop Citrus County 2018

It is already the middle of August and half of scallop season has passed us by... but it's still not too late to plan your scallop adventure! The red tide HAS NOT affected our scallop grounds and we are still running tours daily!

So far scallop season has been a resounding success, and we are looking to finish strong from both our Homosassa and Crystal River locations. Many visitors are still limiting out in Homosassa depending on daily conditions and our Ultimate Voyage in Crystal River that combines the manatee snorkel with a scallop outing has been one of our most demanded tours of the year! 

There are many benefits to going scalloping later in the season, so even though 'summer' is coming to an end there is still time to scallop with us! Early in the season scallops are plentiful, but very small. You may be able to reach the harvest limit easily, but the meat that one claims early on may be less than one expects. Where as, later in the season, they will be tougher to find, but the morsels you are rewarded with add up to a larger serving! 

A huge benefit to later season scallop collecting is that the huge crowds of visitors have went back to work and school, so the docks and waterways are much quieter and more enjoyable. If you can avoid Saturdays, then scallop grounds will be spacious and welcoming. Give us a call, we would love for you to join us so we can show you what all the hub-bub is about! Use this code for an end of season discount and take dinner home to enjoy!