Safari Heidi

As far as guides go, it doesn't get much more fun than Heidi....or as we lovingly call her 'Safari Heidi!' With a passion for nature and a nose for customer service, having Heidi as a guide can really take your tour to another level. She may dance, or recite a prose... if you're lucky she may even sing you a song! 

safari heidi.jpg

Born in Quincy, Mass; she has lived here for 29 years but still considers herself 'Boston Strong!' Heidi was an all-star hurdler and has been highly competitive in both swimming and track. Heidi is a Cancer, so she is sensitive, gentle, intuitive and quickly forms a bond with her visitors. She has a grace and charm that is extraordinary, even by Southern standards!

She gets to indulge in some of her favorite hobbies daily, swimming, snorkeling and getting up close with wildlife; but on days she's not here working you may find her playing tennis or singing to local elderly and special needs residents. Heidi has 2 grown sons who are Marines and her passion for her Grandchildren is unsurpassed even by her love of manatees!  

Having the manatee experience on her own multiple times over the years, Heidi can only define the encounter as spiritual and she longed to share that connection with as many people as possible! She combines her love for the animals, passion for her community and empathy for all different walks of life to create the best tours possible!  Being a part of each families manatee adventure while they make memories is her favorite part of the job... and she can not think of any down sides to being a manatee tour guide, other than maybe the bitter winds and low temperatures of winter. But Heidi knows that those cold temps mean she will see plenty of her manatee friends! 

When Heidi and her awesome husband retire she hopes to travel to all the Florida State parks in a small, humble pull along camper. You will find her enjoying an ice tea, watching the sunset with her Grandbabies by her side!! Her motto for life is one we truly believe here at River Ventures... 'Life isn't about the breaths we take, it's about the moments that take our breath away!!' We couldn’t have said it better ourselves... and Heidi would like to personally invite you and your loved ones to share a breathtaking experience here at River Ventures.