Scalloping Season 2018: It's a Scallop Party!!

Well, River Ventures friends and's about that time! School is out, the sun is shining and scallop season is nearly upon us!! Our first boats out scouting for these delicious morsels have informed us that the grass beds are looking good, rich with wildlife, healthy seagrass and of course our favorite bivalve mollusk....the SCALLOP!  

scallop season 2018 river ventures

A scallop is a mollusk that propels itself across the ocean floor by forcing water through its shell. What does a scallop look like in the water? Scallop shells are quite pretty and have a ruffled edge. They rest in the shallow grass beds in the gulf of Mexico, and we often spot them as they open in the sunshine to expose their blue eyes! They range in color from white to grey to a peachy coral....and the colorful ones are simply gorgeous!  

A three to five ounce serving of scallops contains only about 100 calories making them a very healthy protein option.  When it comes to vitamins and minerals, sea scallops are an important part of the diet of any pescatarian as they are very rich in iron. They're naturally low in fat and cholesterol. The fat they do contain is mostly comprised of the omega-3 fat that can actually lower your cholesterol! Monitor your cooking process to avoid the addition of unhealthy fat (try coconut oil or ghee); if you plan to sear your scallops, you'll want to work with as little fat as possible and use a good non-stick pan to allow the flesh to caramelize without adhering to the hot surface. Add some fresh veggies, and you have a meal your Doctor would be proud you served! 

Citrus County is a Mecca for Florida scallopers, with multiple successful seasons under our belt! Of course we are a bit biased, but we believe that in addition to the pristine grass beds, we have springs, manatees, wildlife galore and a local community culture that is unsurpassed in Florida. This is a very special place. Yes, you can swim with manatees, take air boat rides, visit a local park with absolutely no lines or overpriced parking......and then take your scallops home to eat! 

If you don't want to cook them yourself, simply ask us for a recommendation of a local restaurant that will make your delicious fare with flair!   

Here at River Ventures and Safaris we have many scallop options for your family including departures from both our Crystal River and Homosassa locations this year. We can accommodate groups small and large with the finest Captains in the biz. This year we are also proud to bring back our 'Ultimate Voyage' that combines our scallop excursion with our manatee adventure for a full day of fun! We ride out to the Gulf on a comfortable luxury pontoon, then return to the springs for a fresh water dunk....this is an incredible day and perfect for an adventurous family looking for a break from the amusement parks!  

Feel the breeze in your hair, taste the salty wind and let the sun shine on your face......relax in style by choosing us as your guide! We are local, safe, informed and fun. That's the perfect combination for a perfect day....the 'River Life' way!  

Join us starting July 1st.