Meet Captain Phil

Captain Phil is one of our newest members and we are so lucky to have him aboard!! He is quickly becoming one of more requested guides and in demand boat Captains. He does manatee tours here at River Ventures and he also runs air boats for us in Homosassa when he is tired of driving too slow! 

Phil is from Greenley, Colorodo and left when he was 17 to join the Army. He's been doing manatee tours for 5 years now and found his way to Crystal River because of his love for the Nature Coast! He came to town to be a scuba instructor, but quickly fell in love with the manatees! Prior to this, he was a professional Pirate on a cruise ship! Say arrrrgghh when you meet Captain Phil... and he'll know exactly what you mean!

Phil's birthday  is August 19th, and he is a true Leo with the facial hair to prove it! He's a Renaissance man with a love for photography, ceramics... he even makes some manatee items for the gift shop.

Phil is married with no 'human children' but his Shih-tzu Scubi is his pride and joy! He is a huge Hockey fan and his favorite team is the Tampa Bay Lightning... GO BOLTS!

Phil's favorite part of the job is simply making sure everyone has an awesome time; and he seems to be VERY GOOD at this! His only wish for his manatee tour future... is that he would like to learn to speak multiple languages to take better care of our International guests. Now that is customer service! Welcome to the family Captain Phil... we are lucky to have you!