Meet Captain John Stark

John is our true 'River Daddy' and such a contributor to the heart and soul of this Company! Sometimes we call him Stark, sometimes we call him Ironman... but we never call him late for a tour!  He's always first one on the scene in the morning, waiting to start his tour by 5:15 daily! He has to prepare for his guests! 

John is a native Floridian and was born in St. Pete, he's lived in the area for 50 years so he knows his stuff! He is a huge sports fan; basketball, football, hockey. But his real passion is for the Florida Gators... go BLUE & ORANGE! He collects football helmets too and has over 100 in the collection so far. John and his wife Dotty love Disney and they spend many days there enjoying Mickey and Minnie... they highly recommend Disney Springs if you are looking for a great time! 

John's favorite thing about his job is that he gets to meet people from all over the world and introduce them to the animals he loves so much! Simply put... he's pretty sure he has the coolest job on the planet. 

He has been doing this job for 10.5 years and still loves it as much as his first day! He's earned his spot and respect here at RV so he runs our VIP 'Pontoon of Privilege' daily at 6:45am and 10:45am; he gets to Captain one of the nicest vessels on the waterway! 

He's looking forward to retirement with his wife Dot and they hope to spend lots of time at the beach... maybe catch a couple Gator games! His motto for life is simple, yet powerful;  There are only 3 things you REALLY need. A roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your belly... the rest should be considered a huge blessing. We consider YOU a huge blessing John!