Hungry? Recommendations from River Venture's Crew!

With so many wonderful places to eat in Citrus county it can be an awesome idea to have a local in your back pocket to fill you in on the hidden gems! Locals know that often times those hole-in-the-wall establishments have the best grub and coolest atmospheres in the area! You ask us everyday….so here are some that come highly recommended; from our bellies to yours!

Breakfast after tour

There are many awesome diners and delis but the two highest ranking among the crew are….

The Breakfast Depot

Clean, fresh and locally owned, this train depot themed restaurant will NOT disappoint!  Looking for something unusual? Try their 'crunch toast', and while you're splurging on this rich treat, don't forget the butter and cinnamon sugar!  YUM-YUM!

The Biscuit Barn

biscuit barn.jpg

With two locations both just a few miles from us, you can't loose with this favorite of locals! Homemade cinnamon rolls the size of a plate (we kid you not!), specialty sandwiches, and of course some of the best biscuits and gravy around! Great service, super prices and smiling faces will make you glad you supported this local haunt! 

Lunch in Crystal River

We have over a dozen awesome places for lunch, it's so hard to narrow it down to only two suggestions. We decided to highlight our downtown Heritage village to support family owned small businesses that will surprise & delight!……

Hardwood Smokehouse

Hardwood Smokehouse.jpg

It's Florida, but this is still the South and we LOVE our BBQ! If you long for the true flavor of slow smoked competition style BBQ then check out this family-owned spot with a full bar. Eat inside or out, and one of the Captains highly recommends the burger that they make with brisket…..juicy and delicious!

The Highlander

The Highlander.jpg

Truly one of our go tos for lunch! We love fresh and healthy options so their sandwiches and salads make our tummies happy! Owned by a Scottish family that has lived here for years, the charm and simplicity of this café are understated and welcoming. Insider tip…they have REAL espresso drinks and homemade baked goods. Her Butterfly cake and uniquely fluffy cheesecake are phenomenal!

Dinner in Crystal River

Night life is not something we do well here in Crystal River, (High Octane is rockin', but I mean we are early risers!) but great spots for a delicious meal? No shortage there!

The Seafood Seller

The Seafood Seller 2.jpg

Ok, Ok…so we have been recommending this special spot since they opened a tiny café in our mall and we had our first grilled shrimp skewered on fresh rosemary sprigs but it STILL makes the cut! Now located in a larger spot just across the street, the downhome flavors and great service have not changed! With local seafood brought in daily, you know you are getting the freshest of the fresh! No longer a secret from travelers and still frequented by locals, you can expect a short wait for dinner most nights after 5:30 or so. Insider tip - seared ahi with remoulade sauce, 'seller's shrimp', crawdads, homemade keylime cheesecake with raspberry sauce, and the best hushpuppies I personally have EVER had! Jimmy may even come out and do a magic trick or two!  Are you hungry yet?

The Greenhouse Bistro

This eclectic bistro is known for fresh, locally sourced and organic items that are professionally prepared and artfully presented. Located at the head spring for the Halls River, this unusual spot welcomes you with distinctive design and the only indoor butterfly garden in Citrus County! High end service with a casual atmosphere. Try the bison burger, don't miss the salads and the cheese tray with honey and chocolate is to die for!

We need to make a few more honorable mentions because there were so many more suggestions from our crew!

Gloria LOVES Dan's clam stand and says their 'Chowda' is the best.

Captain John says the Cuban sandwiches at the Sea Hag are world class.

The Boss loves Amy's on the Avenue and the Teahouse.

After work you will Captains at both Norton's and Lollygaggers.

Our River Safaris crew doesn't want you to forget 'The Wildfire Café' and the 'Freezer'.

And for a lovely high-end dining experience, Brandie suggests 'Vintage on 5th' or

 'Katch Twenty-two'.  And if you need a personal guide and you are a handsome man; just let her know; it's been years since Brandie has had a date!

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