Sheena - One of Our Mermaid Princesses

Ms. Sheena is one of our Mermaid Princesses and her day to day presence in the water has made her a recognized and sought after guide in both Crystal River and Homosassa! Sheena has been visiting this area for years, and decided about 2 years ago to make Homosassa her home base! She has lived many places, but she was born in Daytona Beach then grew up in Silver Springs... and as a result, this area really FEELS like home to Sheena.

Sheena's life is her children (and her fur baby), and she loves doing whatever they are interested in at any given time. They spend a lot of time together swimming, crafting, camping and painting. Exploring the outdoors is a true passion for Sheena, so on her days off you may find her hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, traveling and meeting new friends. There is not much Sheena enjoys more than relaxing in a hammock with a beautiful view of the great outdoors. That sounds like a perfect day to us as well!!

Sheena's birthday is July 23, that makes her a Leo. Like most Leos we know she is confident, socially gifted, courageous, kind and of course, blessed with a beautiful head of hair. Currently Sheena has been working this head of hair into dreadlocks... so when you meet her for your tour she is easily recognizable! Sheena is like a true Nature child throwback – many might call her a hippy-chic! With so much love from her soulful toes to her beautiful brain; she can't even pick a favorite color! Her favorite is the rainbow... how could you pick just one color, when they are all a perfect reflection of Mother Nature's personality!?!

Sheena was attracted to her position here at River Ventures & Safaris because she loves being in and around the water... and considering her love of wildlife and education her job guiding is the perfect combination to feature all her passions and skills. Really her favorite part of the job is meeting new friends... both manatee and human!

Later in life, Sheena has many goals, but one of her biggest dreams is to sail around the world. She would love to travel to less privileged countries and help teach locals to garden, self-sustain and build needed resources for children and the less fortunate to enjoy. And Sheena is ready for the adventure; she knows the only thing that continually stays the same... is that everything is always changing! Sheena lives by a motto that we LOVE, a quote from Albert Einstein that could not be more accurate... 'There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle... he other is as though EVERYTHING is a miracle!' Surrounded by such grace and magnificence as the manatee, it's tough to see them as anything less than a miracle every single day we have the privilege of swimming with them!

Come join Sheena for an unbelievable adventure; and when you leave you will know that miracles really do exist. They happen here every day at River Ventures!