Guide and all-around Right-Hand Man Gavin

Gavin joined River Ventures in 2017 and since the day he started he's been an integral and important part of our team. This year he was given the 'team player' award and that is a reflection of how helpful and generous he is with his time! Gavin is a rarity around here, a REAL Floridian, born in Orlando and raised in Lake County. Gavin moved to the Crystal River area for a job opportunity with another Company, but that Company went out of business and led Gavin to River Ventures... right where he belongs!

guide gavin 2.jpg

Gavin has way too many hobbies and interests to list; making him a virtual 'Renaisscance Man'! From fishing and camping to hiking and kayaking; he is always looking for a new adventure and an outside of the box way to enjoy Mother Nature. He loves learning and has a passion for conservation that is reflected in how he enlightens our visitors about our local eco-systems. Really that's his favorite part of the job! Sharing 'manateeizms' with a visitor who just had a life changing encounter with one of our gentle giants is an incredible job because in that moment you know that another manatee lover and outdoor steward is created! The sheer joy on their face, the excited anticipation of the close up encounter is something Gavin loves sharing with everyone!

gavin 111118.jpg

Gavin comes from a long line of fisherman and Captains, ultimately being a Captain is his goal as well. Gavin's mother, father and sister live in the Orlando area... but he feels particularly blessed to have found his wonderful wife Katy. Together they have built an awesome life, with a small working farm and many beloved pets. Whether he is working here at River Ventures or at the homestead, we promise you he's staying busy! He simply doesn't stop... with his least favorite job being mowing the lawn here or there!

A man of many talents, he never ceases to amaze us... he can even play the bagpipes! Gavin is of Scottish decent, but no one surviving in his family knew how to play the bagpipes so he made it his personal mission to learn before his beloved Grandmother passed away. Mission accomplished and he was able to celebrate life with her just weeks before she passed with his own bagpipe version of 'Amazing Grace'. Talk about memories... that is something Gavin will always remember!

Gavin would like to share with everyone how blessed we are to have a unique blend of eco-systems that add to this areas beauty and mystique. So many take these resources for granted, but Gavin never will. Sharing his passion with families from all over the world makes Gavin feel like he's doing his own small part to ensure the health and preservation of the eco-systems he loves so much. Join us and ask for Gavin, imparting his passion and knowledge into the manatee encounter really takes this adventure to another level! If you're lucky maybe he'll bring his bagpipes...