The Goodwill of Crystal River

Are you looking for some nice stuff at an affordable price? We definitely recommend The Good Will of Crystal River Florida, you may even see some of the crew there! From used and new, everything you'll come across will be in excellent condition. From new carpeting, used clothing (some new items if you search) , shoes, household items (lots that are brand new still in the box), to wedding dresses to one of my favorites - Halloween costumes and decor! The bonus on seasonal items is they are all brand new and the prices beat any other local stores. You won't believe the variety!


The people who work in this store are very nice and always seem to have a smile on their faces. The store is clean and they always seem happy to lend a helping hand. You can even round your change up to donate to The Good Will. We love that idea, such an easy and painless way to help - that change really adds up for a super cause!

Rumor is that the local Goodwill is even expanding! The Beall's plaza where the Goodwill is located is receiving a whole new face-lift. The new look of the plaza is very welcome to our booming little community! We also welcome the bigger, better Goodwill because we are so into reusing, recycling...and Up-cycling! If you don't use it, all this stuff could end up in a land fill somewhere, so visit your local consignment and thrift stores to help not only your pocket book; but to help Mother Earth as well!

So if you're looking for something new, something old, something affordable, and a very pleasant place to shop at a discounted price, we highly recommend The Crystal River Good Will! See you there!