Homosassa, Florida: Bubbles the Manatee

Very large fiberglass statue of a manatee, named Bubbles in a contest.


Bubbles the Manatee

Bubbles has been given a makeover. She's looking great. The strips of reflected light that used to be on her back are gone. She's in an open parking lot north of the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park entrance.

Manatee Statue

There's a seemingly random statue of a manatee, those adorable cows of the sea, under some trees next to a hotel on US Hwy 19. The region is known for its "Swim with the Manatees" tours, and the fiberglass statue was apparently once a feature at the local visitors center.

This statue is a good photo op -- at least 30-feet long and well done, with paddle-tail and criss-cross markings. It was named "Bubbles" in a contest.

Bubbles, the Manatee

This large manatee replica sits outside the Homosassa Visitors Center. She was named in a local contest. Real manatees can be viewed in the nearby Homosassa State Wildlife Park.

Bubbles was built in 2002 by three different artists -- all of whom signed the big sea cow -- for the Bella Oasis Resort. When the Resort changed management Bubbles became a symbol of the old regime, and was sold to the state wildlife park in 2012.