How to Kayak: Taking a forward stroke

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1. Hold your paddle properly.


2. Make sure to have proper posture in the kayak. 


Sit upright with your legs securely in the thigh braces and the balls of your feet against the foot supports.

3. Rotate your body. 


Rotate your body while extending and retracting your arms. For example; If you want to take a stroke on the right side, rotate your torso counter-clockwise while extending your right arm and retracting your left arm.

4. Take the stroke. 


Place the right side of your paddle blade in the water near the feet and rotate the torso as you're pulling the blade through the water alongside of the boat, retract your right arm while at the same time extending your left arm.

5. Setup for the next stroke and rotate your grip. 


As soon as you've finished the stroke on the right side of the kayak, your paddle should be setup for the next stroke on the left side of the boat. Next to rotate your grip, you need to bend your wrist on the control grip hand. Allow the paddle to rotate in your other hand(The loose hand) until the paddle blade is lined up to enter the water at the proper angle and grasp the paddle with your "loose hand."

6. Take the next stroke. 

Once you've rotated your grip, place the left paddle blade in the water near the feet and rotate the torso while pulling the blade through the water along the left side of the boat while retracting your left arm and extending your right arm.