How to Kayak: Getting out of the kayak

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1. Secure the kayak with a tie line. 


This isn't a mandatory step, but if you are getting off on a dock, it's extremely recommended.

2. Use the paddle to steady the kayak. 


Since the kayak is in water, one off balance moment can send you swimming.

3. Crouch. 

This gets you ready to follow the next steps.If you are going to get out onto a dock

  • Swing your bottom out of the kayak onto the deck.
  • Swing out your legs, onto the deck.

If you are getting out on shore (shallow water, not on a dock, but ground.)

  • Put one leg on shore.
  • Stand up, putting most of your weight on the foot that is on shore.
  • Put the other leg on shore.

4. You are now out of your kayak! (Hopefully without getting too wet!)